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Cutting Edge Data Destruction
InfoStroyer® 151 has been evaluated by the NSA and meets the
requirements of NSA/CSS 04-02-A, Optical Media Destruction Devices
Link to NSA's 2013 Evaluated Products List (EPL) for Optical Media.

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Other fine Applied Magnetics products
Disk Erasing Paddle
NSA Approved
for TOTAL Data Removal (L & P)
(819) 780-6387
Infostroyer® 201
Infostroyer® 151 DC
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MagnaStroyer® AML-MS1
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GSA AdvantageGSA Advantage

You can read the Federal Supply Service(FSS) Terms by Clicking Here

A brief history...

We've been in business since 1973. For many years our primary business was the design of special magnetic, mechanical, and electronic devices and instruments. We've worked on everything from driving artificial hearts to separating dirt from potatoes, to finding unexploded ordnance underwater and on land, to refining plutonium.

We've always done things that nobody else could do, or perhaps was willing to do.

An important segment of our business has ALWAYS been devoted to specialty security equipment. Since the late 1990's, our focus has gradually shifted entirely to the development, design and manufacture of high-security equipment.

We generally concentrate on the security of stored information. Usually this involves making sure that our customers have a way to destroy information in such a way that even the most determined adversary cannot possibly recover it.

Our relationships with the Security Community go back thirty years, and indirectly, back to the days of OSS and WWII. This is the most important work we've ever done, and we are honored and pleased that it is now our primary business.