Tomas is the most influential man in Boston.


She especially liked to polish her jewels.

Drink your medicine.

He talks a lot about Germany.


You didn't teach me.

We've lost our umbrellas.

I never see this album without remembering my school days.

When do you think he'll be back?

She gathered her children about her.


Somebody needs to hire Gideon.

The poem tells the story of the deeds of gods.

I wanted out of there.

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I found the problem was easy to solve.

She looked up at the sky.

You need to apologize to her and need to do it right away.

You have such a poor sense of direction!

Marguerite meant to tell Shean about the party.

I converted the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius in my head.

Presley had a problem with that.

An integer is natural iff it is greater or equal to 0.

The young should make room for the old.


I have a package for you.

Are you on your way to the station?

They want to better their working conditions.

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I've never won anything before.

I've got big hands.

The child knows how to swim, so she won't drown in the water.

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I talk to the manager almost every day.


I don't want to live in a big city.


I pushed Sanjib into the water.


How long will the operation take?

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I could have done better if I had had more time.

Tell me everything right away.

He can't do anything but keep silent.


Go straight ahead.

What's Ken doing?

I want the time and the health to finish my Icelandic textbook.

The thief-taker arrested many thieves at the same time.

Not thinking before he speaks, he invariably proceeds to stick his foot in his mouth.

We stayed for three nights.

I'll try to do better next time.

We all know why.

You looked dangerous.

She died less then a year later.

Thank you for buying me this magazine.

Acai berries have become popular.

Work hard, or you will fail the examination.

Can we talk about something else please?

Klaudia has a southern accent.

I decided to be a doctor.

She doesn't use salt when cooking.


You should clean that cut straight away, you don't want to get an infection!

The generous dentist contributed some two billion yen to charity.

What exactly did you ask her?


I don't know what it's for.


I would've done it by myself if Polly hadn't been there.

I haven't felt like this since I was a teenager.

Blair and Marci wanted to be alone.

Are you a high school student?

Nothing is more delightful to me than travelling.

She kept her eyes closed.

She would never lie to me.


The prisoners were released.

We're in position.

That dog is really ugly.

Come eat with us.

The game got canceled.


If he had insulted me, I would have given him a shove.

This mosque needs a new imam.

Susanne looks happier today than he did the last time I saw him.

I wonder if you really understand what I mean.

It's really dangerous.

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What did you hate to write at school?

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I am so beautiful that when I see myself, I cannot look away, sometimes for days.

I've won three times.

What happened afterwards?

There is a beautiful park near my home.

What else do you want?

Most, if not all, parents want their children to be good.

It doesn't matter whether your has grown for four years or seven. When the barber shaves it he'll use that same blade.


Does Sid have any brothers?


There is an apple in the boy's pocket.

I'll replace Galen.

That would be nice.

It was really just a misunderstanding.

My grandparents never liked coffee with milk.

There's something I need to know.

If you loan me money, I'll be grateful to you.

I knew I'd forgotten something.

The treaty was not a success.


Tonight is going to be awesome.

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He made nothing of working for a long time.

Dragons are imaginary animals.

Whoever doesn't capitalize when the opportunity presents itself will later regret not having used the chance.


He decorated it.

I saw Dannie's pictures.

When do I get to talk to you?

Bert gave Maarten a driving lesson.

Public opinion governs the president's decisions.

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The thermometer went down below zero.


I read the New York Times.

The religion was in its glory in those days.

Roger is here to help you.

We'll find a solution, I'm sure.

Apr. is an abbreviation for April.


My daughter loves music.

Olof is Mariou's closest friend.

Herve and Ramon continued to argue.

Spike asked Susanne where her mother was.

Fay heard a car horn beep.

Naoto's a very good fighter.

Our calculations show that the rocket is off its course.

Do you know how to use this machine?

Donne doesn't respect Kirk's opinion.

I like to work with him.

I want to improve my Spanish.

Andrea is normal.

Some of the birds didn't fly.

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Mr. Bergerac, I'm your cousin.


It's fun to knead dough.

Foremost, Esperanto is a friendly language.

Anybody can do that.

This town is so small that you can easily learn everyone's names.

Manny always tries to eat healthy food.

The javelin thrower's record was 12 metres.

I came home and found everything destroyed.


Mats felt a little nervous.


There barely were children in the classroom.

The rocket was launched this morning.

I was driving at 120 kilometers per hour when the police stopped me.


The dog is peeing on the sofa.

Every individual has to understand what is right for himself.

He is being kind today.

Do you jack it off often?

Sherri lost his wife.


Rik has got a lot to do right now.

Does the plate of your car begin with ABC?

They want to talk to you a moment.

I'm afraid I've offended you.

I think Sabrina is discreet.

She came to visit me that day.

Don't make me leave.

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We've no choice.

The cargo spacecraft exploded a few seconds after launch.

Did I just see what I think I saw?

How much do you want for this book?

These infections were caused by contaminated milk.

The town lies just above London.

She's a tree hugger.

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She signed over the car to Skef.


There is one rule that works in every calamity. Be it pestilence, war, or famine, the rich get richer and poor get poorer. The poor even help arrange it.


The tie goes with your jacket.


The whole world hungers for peace.

We were having problems with Kimmo.

You're not allowed to smoke here.


The headline caught my eye this morning.

Don't do anything yet.

Bob isn't busy right now.


Feeling chilly, I turned on the heater.