We finally reached the lake.

I feel your disgust on that one.

I have nowhere near enough money to buy a house.


Rick is young and single.

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I'm done with this question.

I like children.

Don't let him claw you.

Charlie returned fire.

There was not a ray of hope before him.

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Kari has a Canadian passport.

There were no problems to report.

The house is too big for us, and what is more, it is too expensive.

The girl was afraid of her own shadow.

You really should keep your promises, Ethan.

This book has undergone several translations.

There was plenty of traffic.


She forgot to mail the letter.

I'm glad the guys who broke into your house got caught.

Is Mr. Smith an English teacher?

Would you like them to help you?

I must leave here.

I am tall.

I know they're both happy.


We were delayed by the heavy traffic.

He has three sisters; one is in Tokyo and the others are in Nagoya.

I don't get the connection.

I don't need them to do me any favors.

I'm happy Dick liked it.

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The earliest civilizations arose in Mesopotamia.

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I very nearly had a heart attack and died.

Do you remember when Drew gave you that?

She cooks for him every day, but he doesn't appreciate it.


The only thing that matters is that you are alive.

You're gay.

Don't say that.

He keeps some mice for the purpose of studying.

We are no longer living in the stone age.

The duck quacks.

He guided the man through the streets to the station.

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You had better communicate with the police.

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He admitted himself defeated.

You're creative.

I just want him to go away.

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On the way to Bonn, we took in the Cologne Cathedral.

The sorceress turned Leith into a bear as punishment for his unseemly behavior.

I have a clear conscience.


Why are you jumping?

We can see Mt. Fuji far away on a fine day.

I'm afraid you misunderstood me.

A tsunami is coming, so please be on the alert.

He has a position.

You are a doctor.

You need to go with Doyle now.

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Shankar couldn't understand us.

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Her voice still rings in my ears.

I pawned my guitar to pay the rent.

I don't like to disappoint anyone.


The above articles are a small sample of public information regarding the abortifacient nature of most so-called contraception birth control.

Many libraries also provide wireless local area network.

We need to always be ready.

We are anxious for peace.

The two answers are both correct.

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My dog eats just about anything.

Do you know of a dish that has laurel leaves in it?

Our on-line Customer Service Desk and trained support agents enable problems to be quickly identified and addressed.

I hope Donna can help you.

I'm inflexible.

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Japanese businessmen are calling for a level playing field.

She lives in comfort.

I have to write a letter. Do you have some paper?

You're hard-headed!

The older daughter wants to be British.


I found it very disturbing.


Yes, how much do they cost?

Where I am doesn't matter.

A definite advantage of automatic doors is that people can't spread their contagious diseases by touching door handles.

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She has a cold and is absent from school.

Adlai said he likes the idea.

Nancy and Tarmi both don't know how to drive.

He put a large amount of money into the industry.

I've had some chances.

What do we owe?

What did you mean by that exactly?

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Matthew checked the list again to make sure he had done everything.

Stewart felt compelled to say something.

We haven't heard the last of this.

I'm still in school.

Enclosed is our company profile.

You there, what are you doing?

Ticket, please.

Spudboy failed horribly.

It rained during the night.


The boy fell from the bridge.

He worked as a congressman and a senator.

Pravin is impossible to beat.

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I told Ramsey that I would buy him another skateboard.

Against all expectations, the Apollo spacecraft made it safely back to Earth.

I'm dying to expand my business.

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It's a tempting offer but I'm afraid I'm going to have to turn you down.

The athletic meeting will be put off.

Your behavior was disgraceful.

He even suspected that the man was the principal offender.

What was the weather like?


There are no classes in August.

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Manuel said that we should avoid Naresh today.

Do me a favour and shut up!

Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman, but believing what he read made him mad.

Varda thought you were in Boston.

How can I unsend an email?


He deprived us of our liberty.

He is very pleased with the new bicycle.

He laughed until tears filled his eyes.


Why did you let Sergeant go?

The moment they saw me, they waved.

The heretics were burned alive.

Most Americans liked Roosevelt.

This is an easy route.

Miss, do you miss his kiss?

I'll turn it over to him.

You should've seen me run.

I was surprised by how well Kenn could speak French.

How long have you lived there?

There is no word for liberty in the Russian language.

He is not provincial.

The players were terribly excited over winning the pennant.


Marsh told me he was innocent.


It's seven o'clock.

Sometimes all we have is our dreams.

I told her I was fine.

I want to know what the cause of the accident was.

After I had left the house, I realized that the key was still in the house.

We knew we didn't do anything wrong.

We can always still talk to each other on the phone.

Mononucleosis is also known as the kissing disease.

Monday definitely isn't my favourite day of the week.

Dan mailed Linda's scandalous pictures to a local TV station.

If anyone comes to see me, tell him that I went out.

I hope I don't let anybody down.

He is greedy and lazy.


They are short of funds.

Do you want to pray?

Do I need this?

I gave Ahmed detailed instructions on how to do that.

You promised you would come.

The office is deserted.

We used to swim in this river a lot.

Caleb wanted Srikanth to say that she loved him.

It wasn't me who insulted you.

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What did you end up doing?

Devon still can't read.

It is more than 3 kilometers to the station.


The boy was so tired that he could walk no longer.


I had a quarrel with him over money.

They were surprised to hear the news.

I love flowers.

Lou slurped his drink.

Claire noticed a big difference in power between his old four-cylinder car and his new six-cylinder one.


If you had told me that before we started, we wouldn't be in this mess right now.

"Let me get a sample," and she transferred part to a petri dish.

My, aren't you clever?

You're in danger here.

Have another cup of coffee.

Guess what I found.

I don't believe I've heard that name.